Raleigh Music Group Launches "Find Foreign Music"

Raleigh Music Group has announced a new service dedicated exclusively to music from around the world: Find Foreign Music.

If you own or control local ethnic/traditional songs from a foreign country (both the recorded master and music publishing rights), FFM may be interested in licensing your music. They provide a license that is non-exclusive and limited to film, television, advertising, and other media rights only.

Film, TV, ad agency and gaming companies need a solution for finding and licensing music from around the world. Find Foreign Music is a one-stop catalog of music from nearly every country around the world. Many recent high profile films and tv shows have licensed and used foreign music in their productions.

Your music will become part of the Find Foreign Music global catalog that will be pitched and licensed for film, tv, video game, film trailers, news programming, educational uses, ad agencies, and others.

Find Foreign Music offers a transparent business model. If your music is licensed and paid for by a user, you receive 50% of all income. FFM pays royalties quarterly and provides detailed royalty statements.

Find Foreign Music is administered by Raleigh Music Group, one of the top music publishing companies in the industry.

Sign up at: findforeignmusic.com.

Most recent addition to Find Foreign Music roster:

Malawian Madalitso Band has taken the World by storm. Madalitso will make you clap, dance and smile, with their fresh take on traditional Malawian ‘Banjo music’. Their story is that of two street musicians who spent ten years honing their craft on the streets of Lilongwe, before bursting onto the international scene.