Atlanta Artist LOCS Records With KRK Studio Monitors

Rapper, Recording Artist, and Producer LOCS first found his passion for music in college. Between writing, producing, and touring, he has since fully immersed himself in everything the industry has to offer, looking for new ways to advance his career. After landing a number of impressive sync placements, including features on HBO Max’s “The Hype” and Freeform’s “Grownish,” LOCS turned his focus to his latest project: his new single, “Good Time.” As with all his past releases, LOCS once again relied on KRK studio monitors, which most recently included the ROKIT 7 G4 and CLASSIC 7 monitors.  

“KRK has been all over my releases since I began making music,” LOCS explains. “The producer I worked with when I first started had KRK ROKIT 8s in his studio, and that was the first time I really got to hear them in a professional setting. Now that I’m working on new music, I’ve been using my ROKITs and CLASSICs in my studios in Los Angeles and Atlanta. They were especially useful on my most recent EP, ‘Arrival,’ which I released last September. Having the ability to use both lines has been a game changer for me.”

This versatility is key for LOCS, who prefers to rely on each of his sets of monitors for different applications. “If I was doing just production, I would use my KRK CLASSIC 7s,” he says. “Those studio monitors are perfect for when I want to listen to straight instrumentals. They are a little bit warmer and provide great coloration. For things like mixing and mastering, the KRK ROKIT 7 G4s are my go-to. I get a really nice, neutral tone from these speakers, which is why they are ideal for my mastering, mixing, and as an all-around solution. Having the option to switch back and forth between these two lines has really allowed me to open up and get what I want out of my music.”

As LOCS continues putting out music and traveling across the country, his KRKs will continue to remain by his side in the studio and on the go. “These GoAux are perfect for me,” he declares. “I can only imagine what kind of convenience they’ll provide. All my work in the studio this past year has been with ROKITs and CLASSICs, and I can’t wait to add the GoAux to the mix. For me, there’s no reason to have any other speakers―the KRKs serve all the purposes that I need. Just know that when I have music coming out: if it’s made by me, it’s made with KRK.”

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For more information, visit krkmusic.com.