Audio-Technica ATM230pk music gear review

Music Gear Review: Audio-Technica Artist Elite ATM230PK

Audio-Technica's Artist Elite® ATM230PK is a specially priced bundle of three ATM230 compact instrument dynamic microphones. The ATM230 has a hypercardioid polar pattern and a proprietary capsule designed to excel in high SPL applications such as inches away from drum kit tom-toms or loud percussion instruments. Even right next to loud drums, I found them to produce a full sound with transients better represented when I compared them to my usual tom mics.

The low profile design of this all-metal microphone, along with the (included) clip-on AT8665 drum rim shock mounting system, made it easy to experiment with different positions on the toms where sometimes mic stand/boom setups just don’t work or are in the way of the drummer.

With its hypercardioid polar pattern, the ATM230 zeroes in and picks up exactly where I pointed them. I also noticed, when soloing individual tom tracks, the (minimal) leakage from adjacent drums in the kit to sound more natural.

The ATM230 sells individually for $139 MSRP and has a two-year warranty. The ATM230PK bundles three ATM230 microphones and sells for $349 MSRP.

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