THE SPINNERS Make Donation To Motown Museum

From L to R: Henry Fambrough, GC Cameron, Ronnie Moss, Jessie Peck, and Marvin Taylor.

2023 Class of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees THE SPINNERS’ Henry Fambrough last month (May 19) returned to his Detroit roots to make a donation on behalf of the group to the city’s Motown MuseumFambrough--one of the founding members of the iconic R&B group--participated in a ceremony that included the gifting of 375 outfits and 200 pairs of shoes that the 6x Grammy-nominated group wore throughout their illustrious career. The day’s events all included a visit to Motown’s Studio A, a location that Fambrough noted, “I used to dream about this place.”

From L to R: David Brandon (Spinners drummer), Marvin Taylor, Stephanie Briscoe-Jackson (daughter of Pervis Jackson), Claudreen Jackson (widow of Pervis), Tammie Moss (Ronnie’s wife), behind Tammi is GC Cameron, back to the front again is Ronnie Moss, just behind Ronnie is Henry Fambrough, Norma Fambrough, Regina Smith (fiancee of Jessie Peck), Jessie Peck, Tanisha Lynn Jackson, Fred Adams (Spinners’ road manager), and Monique Freeman (girlfriend of David Brandon and local Detroit singer)