Amphion Releases Amp400.12 for Immersive Audio

Finnish loudspeaker manufacturer Amphion has announced their new multichannel amplifier the Amp400.12, designed specifically for immersive audio setups. The new product follows the legacy of its predecessor, the Amp400.8, an 8-channel amplifier, which was released in September 2021 and nominated for the 38th annual NAMM TEC awards. The 400.12 joins the series with four additional channels. Now with a total of 12-channels, the Amp400.12 can be used to power an entire 7.1.4 Atmos setup, while still leaving the engineer further flexibility with an extra channel open.

“The Amphion Amp400.12 is a highly synergistic pairing of the very latest in Class-D engineering and Amphion’s in-house designed buffer stage, which brings a touch of magic to an already excellent multi-channel platform. An exceptionally high price to performance ratio was achieved by focusing on the sonics and omitting everything which was unnecessary,” states Founder and CEO Anssi Hyvönen.

Powerful amplification with ultimate control

The Amp400.12 is built on the highly advanced Class-D platform, which offers ample, fast, controlled and low distortion power. The in-house designed buffer-stage was added to complement the merits of the Class-D technology, which pushes the sonics even further. The Amp400.12 provides speed, control, and feel, inherent to all Amphion amplifiers, that establishes an immaculate sound so even the smallest spatial details can be identified while working. Amp400.12 power amp provides cohesion between all of its discreet and identical 12- channels, giving it consistent power, performance and flexibility.

The amplifier can be used to drive a 7.1.4 immersive Atmos setup or up to six passive monitor pairs. The Amp 400.12 will equally drive both 8ohm and 4ohm loads. The Amp400.12 furthers the adaptability of the Amphion products into an immersive setup. The studio monitors, base systems and amplifiers can be leveraged to create the best setup depending on the engineers’ room size and needs. The Neutrik XLR and Speakon connectors for each channel provide easy and secure connectivity across the system. “As immersive format continues to grow it has been extremely pleasing to listen to work of our customers. Imaging, channel integration and phase are always spot-on, which brings a natural, highly engaging aspect to all immersive material,” Hyvönen concludes.

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