Janvi Anand

Live Review: Janvi Anand at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood, CA

Material: When Janvi Anand plays live shows in America, he is truly free, a notion that was foreign to him as a child living in his native country of India. It was not until Janvi moved to Los Angeles in 2015 that he was able to fully ingratiate himself in the LBGTQ community and publicly express his romantic feelings through music. Pop-rock songs like “440 Volt Bulb” tell the stories about his pursuit of love. Over the course of the past four years Janvi Anand has released one EP (Inside These Pages) and a full-length album (Faces of Love). These love songs range from alternative rock to indie and acoustic pop.

Musicianship: Although Janvi’s studio recordings usually encompass a variety of musical instruments as well as contributions from various co-writers, he typically performs live music in a stripped-down acoustic setting with just a guitar. This original material is further enhanced by the gender ambiguity of his vocal register.  It's a beneficial trait that makes his voice comparable to singers like Olly Alexander (from Years & Years) and Linda Perry. A good example of this versatility is his live performance of the ballad “Come Home.” Structured in a style similar to “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias, Janvi switches vocal octaves from his low vocal register to his falsetto during the second chorus of this song.

Performance: Janvi Anand performed an intimate acoustic set within the friendly confines of Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood. He was accompanied by one of his most consistent music collaborators; violinist and piano player Noor Che’ree. One of the first songs that Janvi sang was “Fool To Want You.” He explained to the audience that he became inspired to write this song after he officially came out to his mother. The sincerity of this performance set the mood for other emotional renditions like “Fall in Love,” a soft rock composition about allowing oneself to fall in love without any reluctance.

Summary: This event marked the eleventh and final show of Janvi’s American tour. He bared his soul throughout this live music experience while also expressing his societal views in a lighthearted manner. Toward the end of this show, Janvi encouraged the live audience to dance and clap while he sang a song called “To Be Your Husband I Will Be Your Wife,” a track about gender stereotypes. Moments like this created an atmosphere that was fun and interactive. So, when a random audience member jokingly yelled out a request for Janvi to “sing the blues,” he happily obliged the crowd with an upbeat version of “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers, a nice way to close out the evening.

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Players: Janvi Anand, vocals, acoustic guitar