Up Close: UNIT-O

Veteran Producer/Engineer Returns With Exciting New Venture: Brian Leshon brings a diverse history of working with rock legends to his role as Chief Producer/Engineer and Studio Manager for UNIT-O, Orange County, CA’s newest full-service recording studio for music production, mixing, voice over and artist development. Leshon was the Chief Engineer at the historic, Hollywood-based Cherokee Studios and Chateau Recorders, as well as A&M Records Studios. Independently, and at those facilities, he amassed a resume that includes Kansas, Devo, Supertramp, Missing Persons, Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Stanley Clarke, Jean Luc Ponty, Barbra Streisand and many others. Every project is treated like a major, commercial release.

The Best Of All Worlds: Leshon’s trademark is delivering an authentic, analog sound using digital technology. Everything in the signal path is done the old-fashioned way with the same microphones, preamps, EQ modules, compressors and, most importantly, techniques. UNIT-O has high quality plug-ins, including EQ, reverb, delays, limiters and tape saturation. The only difference is the recording medium. Leshon uses a Pro Tools HD Native system, instead of multiple 24-track tape machines. At Chateau, he used every inch of a small studio to get big sounds. Likewise, at UNIT-O he creates “drum sounds as tight as a cocktail set or as large as a John Bonham solo, and the same dynamics for guitars.”

Sweepstakes Recording Opportunities: UNIT-O celebrated its recent opening with two unique sweepstakes opportunities. One was promoted through Music Connection and ended in October. Another is through ReverbNation.com and there is still time to enter to win up to 80 hours of studio time for pre-production, recording, editing and mixing of up to four songs. The recipient of the ReverbNation opportunity will be judged on musical quality, commercial potential, social media presence and fan base. The ReverbNation.com opportunity runs through Nov. 24. Enter by logging into your ReverbNation.com account and locating the sweepstakes under the “opportunities” tab.

For more information, visit unit-o.com.