Agnes Obel - "Citizen of Glass" music album review

Music Album Review: Agnes Obel - "Citizen of Glass" (7.5/10)

On her latest release, Citizen of Glass, Agnes Obel takes the listener into a dreamscape of keyboards, cello and strings, occasional percussion, and the artist’s own beautiful vocals. Her lyrics conjure aspects of love filtered through ghosts and dreams. Introspective and lulling, this is music to listen to while watching snow fall. The purity of Obel’s vision touches upon goth, classical and new age, but she makes it all her own. Besides the use of piano, celeste, mellotron, spinet and celesta, a “trautonium” is used, which is a predecessor to the electric piano and synthesizer. Nicely done!

Score: 7.5 out of 10

Agnes Obel
Citizen of Glass
Play it Again Sam (PIAS)
Producer: Agnes Obel