Traveler new music critiques

New Music Critiques: Traveler


A tight, terse foursome with a superior handle on their genre, the only element lacking in St. Louis-based Traveler is the production, especially in terms of mixing. Singer Lyle Schmitz has ideal pop-punk intonation, and his concise, articulate lyrics bring “Growing Pains” in at a brisk 2:14. Nice. “Disappear Here” has bold, pounding drums and bass that really ignite the savvy arrangement. And we’re impressed by the song’s dynamic gear-switch to an instrumental outro (though its climax could be even stouter). In each case, the recordings are hampered by a mix that is not all it should be in terms of the lead (and backup) vocals and the cymbal’s shimmer. Nevertheless, these guys are Warped Tour ready.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: travelerstl.bandcamp.com
Seeking: Reviews, Label
Style: Pop-Punk/Emo

Traveler - "In Repair"

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