Janvi Anand

New Music Critique: Janvi Anand


Janvi Anand is not only blessed with an arrestingly husky-toned voice (which can at times attain a solid, satisfying high-range), she’s a penetrating songwriter who can plumb the depths and dimensions of human relationships, as in “Faces of Love,” where a jazzy arrangement features a saxophone that melds beautifully with her sexy/soothing vocals. She depicts a voyeuristic infatuation in “The Girl on the Train," a nice slice of chamber-pop. But just when you think this is a brooding, downcast artist she delivers the delightful, lilting, ukulele-fueled “440 Volt,” not only busting out the harmonica, but also some wet-lipped whistling, too. The film/TV potential of these mood-setting songs is obvious.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: janvianand.com
Seeking: Label, Booking, Film/TV
Style: Singer-Songwriter

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