Focusrite Welcomes zPlane to the Plug-In Collective

This month's Focusrite Plug-in Collective offer is a free zplane audio harmonisation plug-in worth over £70 for customers who have registered Focusrite hardware before Aug. 3. Once registered, they can log into their Focusrite accounts to access the vielklang LE plug-in.

vielklang LE is a versatile vocal editing tool and harmony generator for musicians, songwriters and producers. It creates backing vocals and brass sections with up to four voices in a more musical way than traditional harmony processors.

vielklang LE utilises sophisticated voice-leading and harmony progression models to generate more natural and musical arrangements rather than producing plain parallel voicing. The piano-roll display allows complete control over every pitch of every voice.

For more information visit, us.focusrite.com/plugin-collective