Joe Normal

Signing Story: Joe Normal & The Anytown'rs

Joe Normal was about to leave music altogether when a concert by Bruce Springsteen reminded him why he loved performing and reignited his passion. His momentum shifted when he let go of the expectations (chasing the label deal, wanting to get heard on the radio) and focused on the honesty and realness of the music itself.

That commitment to authentic music-making and a genuine connection with the audience is ultimately what helped Joe Normal and the Anytown’rs get signed for their 2018 EP, Entering Anytown USA. Mutual friends introduced the Anytown’rs to the head of Rankoutsider Records and a friendship grew from there. Rankoutsider is particularly committed to indie pop and helped the Anytown’rs attract press in the US, France, the United Kingdom and Australia. As Rankoutsider founder Pat Todd puts it, “This band have great songs. They’re great on stage. They’re real and Joe has his own point of view, while still being linked to tradition.”

“Remember why you started and stay true to that reason.”

The 2019 signing of the band’s single, “Don’t Hurt Me,” came after a show when Big Stir Records approached them. Big Stir works primarily with singer-songwriter, guitar-based rock and pop artists. The key to working with them is to show up fully and have them see you. “Maybe more than any other artist we work with, Joe is completely true to the music he makes,” says Big Stir founder Christina Bulbenko. “He really lives the songs and you can feel it.”

Normal’s advice to fellow artists? “Remember why you started and stay true to that reason—get out on the scene, make friends and figure out who you want to associate with, do your own thing, telling your own story and it will find an audience. Never forget that band chemistry, along with the songs and presentation themselves, do make a difference.”

Dates Signed: January 2019 (Big Stir Records); December 2018 (Rankoutsider Records)

Labels: Big Stir Records - single “Don’t Hurt Me” b/w “Anytown” Rankoutsider Records - EP Entering Anytown USA

Band Members: Joe Normal, Tony Babylon, Tony Snow

Type of Music: Rock & Roll, Singer-Songwriter

Management: HowIe Hubberman - 323-422-2971, 626-826-0618

Booking: [email protected] or Lamron Productions, 626-826-0618

Legal: N/A

Publicity: Nichole or Kiki at [email protected]

Web: JoeNormalUSA.com

A&R: Pat - [email protected]; Rex - BigStirRecords.com/ contact