Alex Hall

Monument Records Announces Alex Hall Signing

Country singer/songwriter Alex Hall has signed with Monument Records and released his first track, “Half Past You,” which is now available for all to hear.

Born and raised in Gainesville, GA, Hall cut his teeth touring while he was still in high school. Averaging over 125 shows a year before he turned 17, the industry quickly took notice, and Hall moved to Nashville to pursue music full time.

“Alex Hall’s musicianship, style, songs, and voice blow me away.  He’s the total package.” said Monument Co-President Jason Owen.  “When he came in to meet with Jason, Katie & I, we offered him the deal on the spot.  Working with him in the months since has done nothing but deepen our love and passion for he and his music.” expanded Monument Co-President Shane McAnally.

That sound can be heard on his first release off Monument, “Half Past You.”  This relatable track, which was written and produced by Hall along with Shane McAnally, Pete Good and AJ Babcock, details how hard it can be to get over a past love.

More information can be found at musicbyalexhall.com.