Livestream Review: Chase Thomas

Livestream Bradenton, FL

Contact: [email protected]

Web: facebook.com/dudechase

Players: Chase Thomas, guitar, vocals; Chase Vicks, drums

Material: Chase Thomas sounds like early Ziggy (Stardust) and you got the feeling this performance had a David Bowie-meets-Prince quality. The Prince cover tunes were very pop and very melodic and were played on acoustic guitar with only a drummer to accompany.  The music was raw and in-your-face real as only Thomas, Prince and Bowie can bring you. “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” started out the set, and right off the bat you got that Bowie/Prince feeling; good rocking beat that made you want to dance. 

Musicianship: The musicianship was strong. The vocals were strong and confident for the most part, and a few slips kept the performance real and honest. The songs are so likable that any slipup didn’t detract from the performance.

Vicks’ drums added another level to Thomas’ acoustic guitar and stabilized the music nicely; and although there was no bass player, the music came off quite well as the reverb in the venue helped to balance things up.

Performance: A bit lackluster in this category as there was only three songs and no audience acknowledgement. It was nil until the very end where Thomas verbalized his online presence (which was very good) and directed them to all of his websites.

Although tame vocal and visual performance presentations, the second track “Take Me With You” showed what great musicians both  guys can be. The drum and guitar timing was pretty spot-on in the intro of the song and it set up the tune to be the second-best, if not the best tune of the evening.

Summary: Overall, a very nice outing for Thomas and Vicks. All the tunes were upbeat, cheerful and juicy and the songs  carried the performance through as they were  audibly friendly. The set was raw and unassuming as only a drummer and acoustic guitar can be; there’s just nowhere to hide. There’s a lot of room for improvement and we’re looking forward to what’s ahead for these two.