Audio-Technica Releases ATDM-0604a Digital SmartMixer

Audio-Technica has introduced the ATDM-0604a Digital SmartMixer®, an update of the popular ATDM-0604. The ATDM-0604a offers advanced functionality for use in a wide variety of applications, from meeting spaces to educational facilities. Incorporating user feedback from leading system integrators, the enhanced functions of this model bring improved performance for online or live meetings.

Expanding on the feature set of the ATDM-0604, the ATDM-0604a offers improved echo and noise-cancellation performance; LED-based remote control of the Audio-Technica ES954 hanging microphone array via the GPO terminal; cascade connectivity for up to eight mixers sharing audio buses and SmartMix controls; and mic/line level support for input channels 1 to 6.

The mixer is equipped with six mic/line inputs and one unbalanced stereo input, along with two balanced (dual mono or stereo) and one unbalanced stereo output. A USB stereo input/output and network ports are also included, as are Audio-Technica Link ports that let users connect eight ATDM-0604a mixers via Cat5e cable for simultaneous use within an expanded setup.

The ATDM-0604a Digital SmartMixer® is now available at U.S. MAP pricing of $1299.

For more information, visit www.audio-technica.com.