The Universal Hip Hop Museum Plans for Safe Reopening of the [R]Evolution of Hip Hop

The Universal Hip Hop Museum is excited to announce its latest partnership with Soter Technologies, inventors of non-invasive advanced health sensor technology systems, just in time for the reopening of the [R]Evolution of Hip Hop this summer.

In alignment with New York City reopening guidelines, the safety and wellbeing of all visitors are top priority for The Universal Hip Hop Museum. Soter Technologies will offer an extra level of comfort and security by introducing SymptomSense™, a sensor and scanning platform providing a fast, non-contact ability to determine an individual’s Blood Oxygen Level, Body Temperature, Elevated Heart Rate, Chest Congestion, and Shortness of Breath– some of the known symptoms when determining if a person is suffering from a serious virus. Essentially, this platform will assist in screening for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to entering the [R]Evolution of Hip Hop exhibit. This will help lower risk, exposure and provide added reassurance to both staff and patrons. Additional measures will also be taken to further safeguard the community with this groundbreaking technology. A demonstration video of the product can be seen here - SymptomSense Demo Video.

“The Universal Hip-Hop Museum and institutions like it preserve, promote and share the important history and culture of the arts and music.  It is critical that we understand and preserve the creativity and contributions of those who have come before us.  At Soter Technologies we are committed to supporting organizations that bring people together and inspire others to pursue their dreams and achieve success,” said Derek Peterson, Founder and CEO of Soter Technologies.

Rocky Bucano, Executive Director of The Universal Hip Hop Museum, expressed similar sentiments as he stated, “Our community has been hit hard over the past few months and it is my duty to ensure that as we reopen our doors, visitors not only feel safe but are able to fully enjoy the richness that is Hip Hop culture through this interactive experience. Soter Technologies provides the level of security we need and not to mention we will be among one of the first public institutions to use this platform. We are extremely grateful for Soter Technologies’ experience and partnership.”

Visitors will have a chance to experience the second installation of the [R]Evolution of Hip Hop at Bronx Terminal Market since its launch last December with co-collaborators MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality and Microsoft. The exhibit is merely a preview of what’s to come as the Universal Hip Hop Museum officially opens its doors in 2023, to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop, and will officially break ground next month. The Universal Hip Hop Museum (UHHM) will be the first museum construction post the COVID-19 pandemic.

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