Live Review: Ayline Artin

Venice West   Venice, CA

Contact: [email protected]

Web: aylineartin.com

Players: Ayline Artin, lead vocals, rhythm guitar; Nils Jiptner, lead guitar; Adam Peri, keys; Derrick Elliott, bass, vocals; Oliver C. Brown, percussion; Abelardo Bolano Quintero, drums

Material: On the heels of the album, Heaven in Hell, Ayline Artin put on a powerful rock show covering songs from the record and previous release “Wrongs To Right,” as well as a fabulous Amy Winehouse cover. “Addicted To You” kicked things off with cowbell and congas, and overall driving rock. “Rocket Fuel Girl” followed with a balanced sound and tremendous breakdown on keys and tasty guitar solo from Nils Jiptner. “Showtime” shared an elegant blend of melody and vocal projection, with the crowd singing along on scat sections. Artin shifted to a Tracy Chapman-feeling ballad with “Golden Wings.”

Musicianship: Supported by a killer band, Artin’s vocals combine flavors of K.D. Lang, Tracy Chapman, Heart, and Pat Benatar, and she has great projection and a steady command of her voice. “Wrongs to Right” showcased Adam Peri on the keyboard intro alongside Jiptner for the song’s intense storyline, with syrupy ballad “Stay The Night” bringing a delicious drum part from Abelardo Bolano Quintero, and more harmonized backing vocals. “Reality” featured Derrick Elliott on a gorgeous bass guitar intro, with Fleetwood Mac vibes, more musical molasses, and great song transitions. “Hold On” brought more stellar drumming from Quintero, and a stunning anthemic vocal intro that shifted into a driving rock number featuring Oliver C. Brown on the congas.

Performance: The group’s brilliant musicality is surpassed only by the intensity their performance (especially Artin’s) brings to the stage. Artin’s commitment to delivering her best was clear throughout the show and she was very natural in her interaction from the stage. While shifting gears to “If I Had You,” she held the audience captive with her journeyed vocal tension. “Heaven In Hell” shared great rolling bass drum and percussion parts, and the group’s grungy, sexy interpretation of “Back To Black” provided a surprising encore to the show. 

Summary: With a beautiful equilibrium of sound and presence, the sextet presented a strong and memorable show. From her solid approach to the stage and confident interaction with her audience, to her vocal command and palpable emotional delivery, Ayline Artin delivers a superb, unique sound that makes an indelible impression.