New Toys: Donner Piano DDP80 Digital Piano

Donner's DDP80 is a compact, 88-key digital piano with a full-sized weighted keyboard that plays the latest Donner-Designed Dream Sound Source—a multi-sampled French grand piano. The DDP80 came ready to play after I attached the included four round metal legs that distribute its 47-pound weight to provide stability and also a matching padded bench I quickly assembled. The DDP80 measures 50-inches wide, 14-inches deep, making the keyboard at 29-inches high from the floor.

It also comes with a detachable music rack and a three-pedal floor module with soft, sostenuto and sustain or damper pedals. This pedal module plugs into a DIN socket underneath the keyboard or you may plug in a single standard, on/off sustain pedal. Three pedals is unusual for an electric piano and, along with its weighted action and built-in sound system, the DDP80 is the perfect starting piano for students.

The DDP80 has a warm, reddish wood-like cabinet with a clean, uncluttered look; It comes with a 2 X 20-watts stereo amp that is loud enough to improvise and
play along with other musicians or for a loud, raucous party!

The rear panel has an on/off switch, volume control, headphone jack for silent playing, stereo line out jack for recording, and a USB interface connector for using the DDP80 as a MIDI controller.

Its compact size made the Donner DDP80 a perfect fit in my small recording studio. I have it located adjacent to my Pro Tools rig—right-angled to my controller and video screens and it works so well! I especially like the built-in speakers when working on guitar parts and vocals—so handy to quickly check a singer's note or check guitar tuning. It is like having a grand piano next to me!

A big winner for my studio and visiting piano players, the DDP80 sells for $599 MSRP.