New Toys: JuiceBox Multi-Effects Plug-in

Engineer/producer Danny Majic has come up with a simple to use plug-in that is a chain of four different effects. Originally, JuiceBox was designed for vocals but it works great for just about any source.

The effects are depicted as four, transparent half-gallon juice containers; you use your mouse to fill them up with more or less of that container's particular effect. The four effects start with Filter, a pink-colored container that you can saturate at a selected frequency anywhere from 30Hz to 5kHz. Next in the chain is a yellow container called Spread, a simple stereo chorus/modulation effect where you can also set the Depth Boost.

After Spread is the purple-colored Space, a basic reverb you may set the decay also by filling the container up or down using your mouse. Last is a lime green Echo container, a delay effect with a feedback on/off switch; it runs free or you can sync it to session tempo. It has all the usual time subdivisions offered complete with triplet timings.

I found a good workflow by picking one of the 17 included presets and then modify it to my music. JuiceBox has a good library feature where you can store your own modified presets in specific categories.

The whole purpose of the design of JuiceBox is to get to an effect fast without having to set up chains of several different plug-ins to get something special for your mix! The GUI is also a big conversation starter during the session and that is always good! I especially like the modulation effect and the whole system is very pleasant to use! The JuiceBox plug-in comes from JuiceBox and sells for $50 MSRP as a download.