EarthQuaker Devices enters #PitchLeBronContest

EarthQuaker Devices Enters #PitchLeBronContest

Northeast Ohio-based mom-and-pop, brick-and-mortar special effects pedal manufacturer EarthQuaker Devices has announced its entry into the #PitchLeBronContest as advertised by CNBC and Cleveland Hustles.

Situated in downtown of LeBron’s hometown of Akron, OH, this manufacturer of musical effects devices has grown from a basement dwelling one-man operation to a respected and innovative effects pedal company. EarthQuaker Devices now occupies a 15,000ft2 production facility where the company’s 42 employees produce over 700 pedals a week by hand, the hard way, where nothing is given, everything is earned and they work for what they have.

Although EarthQuaker Devices’ pedals may be found onstage at sold-out musical festivals around the world with artists like the Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age and Modest Mouse, the company remains committed to promoting and improving the city of Akron, OH through its patronage of local arts and community events, including but not limited to sponsorship of the Mark Mothersbaugh Myopia exhibit and the “Downtown at Dusk” concert series at the Akron Art Museum; its contribution to local non-profit art-house cinema the Nightlight, sponsorship of the Highland Square PorchRokr Music and Art Festival and much more.

The company has extended comprehensive healthcare and benefits to its 40+ employees, all of whom are “just some kids from Akron”—artists, athletes, musicians and performers. Promotional support from LeBron James via the #PitchLeBronContest will help immensely in EarthQuaker Devices’ efforts to continue to bring stable, well-paying, meaningful jobs to Akron, OH.

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