New Toys: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Wired and Wireless Headphones

Global crowd sourcing was used to determine the favorite color of the next version of ATH-M50X headphones. The new limited edition ATH-M50xDS and wireless ATH-M50xBT2DS both come in a luxurious "Deep Sea Blue" color.

These have the same 45-mm drivers with sound-isolating ear cups that are most popular with professionals working in live sound, recording, broadcast, DJ work or just personal listening at home.

The wired, over-the-head ATH-M50xDS model has a closed-back design with copper-clad aluminum voice coils and includes three detachable cables and adapters. The wireless ATH-M50xBT2DS pair is the same but adds an internal audio power amp, and the latest audio codecs and circuitry to allow you to hear yourself on the headphones when making calls. The ATH-M50xBT2DS quickly pairs up with your device to access the A-T Connect app for control over latency, EQ, L/R volume, and Multi-point pairing—pair two Bluetooth devices at the same time!

You get 50 hours of continuous use (that's a lot!) or three hours on a 10-minute charge using an included USB-C cable. Both models come with carrying bags with the wired ATH-M50xDS sells for $169 MAP and the wireless ATH-M50xBT2DS is priced at $219.00 MAP.