Close Up: Velveteen Music


Steady Evolution: Now committed to a multi-faceted full-service approach in helping artists build sustainable careers, Edmonton, Alberta based Velveteen Music began humbly back in 2007, when owner-producer Brad Simons was a full-time touring musician who recorded bands on the side to generate additional income when he was off the road. For the first seven years, it was a one-man freelance operation, with Simons going to rehearsal spaces and home basements to record, then bringing the recordings home to edit, mix and master. He took a major step forward in 2014, moving into a 600 sq. ft. studio with a partner and starting Velveteen’s evolution into a full production team under the name, during which time the informally named Velveteen Audio became Velveteen Music. 

The Studio: The company is now based in a 2500 sq. ft. facility that’s a combination of three studios, with six full time producers on staff. Studio A has a control room, 2 iso booths and a main live room. Studio B has a mixing and production room and includes an iso booth. Gear includes a selection of vintage mics from Neumann, AKG, Josephson, Sennheiser, Rode, Sure, Miktek and others. Velveteen has an SSL Matrix 2 and console outboard units from TubeTech, Hazelrigg/DW Fearn, Universal Audio, Audio Scape, API, Neve, BAE, Chandler, Wes Audio, etc. They also have PMC 6-2 monitors. 

Artist Services: Three years ago, Velveteen Music set up a distribution deal with Believe Music, ensuring that the artists they work with have access to digital and label distribution. They also established a partnership with Cymba Music. More recently, Velveteen expanded to provide full label services, which allows artists to hire them to do everything a label would do—including marketing, promotion, playlisting, press PR and radio and social media campaigns. Everything starts with planning aka Stage 1, in which the artist consults with a team which helps them with strategic planning, grant consultation/writing and scheduling. Stage 2 is Create, with the Velveteen team helping the artist with songwriting, production, mixing and mastering their music. Stage 3 is Release, which involves devising a detailed marketing plan, distribution through Believe Music (including DSPs and pitching to editorial curators), playlisting, press, content creation, radio tracking, etc.  

Quote from Brad Simons: “The name change reflects the paradigm shift as we became less focused on just recording at the highest level and more about using that as a foundation for developing independent artists and bands to give them their best shot at a sustainable career,” says Simons. “During the pandemic, we created a hybrid system where sometimes artists worked at home, sometimes in the studio—all of which has served to expand our demographic and clientele. What we live for are those little moments of pure joy, satisfaction and pride when an artist we work with gets a Juno nomination or achieves a special milestone. And when an artist thanks us and tells us what we did helped open up a new world of career possibilities.” 

Contact Velveteen Music, 780-952-6228