Live Review: Sub-Radio

The Echo  Los Angeles, CA

Contact: [email protected]

Web: sub-radio.com

Players: Adam Bradle, lead vocals; Matt Prodanovich, guitar, vocals; John Fengya, guitar, keys; Kyle Cochran, guitar, keys; Michael Pereira, drums

Material: Opening with gorgeous vocal harmonies and projection on 2022’s “Everything I Had,” Sub-Radio shared music from their first five records–Same Train // Different Station (2016), Headfirst (2018), Dog Years (2019), Clark Kent (2020) and Thoughts Lights Colors Sounds (2020)–as well as a handful of singles, and two new releases. Danceable pop track, “Disco,” shared great falsetto delivery, fun guitar licks, and guitarist antics and choreography (received by a roaring crowd), while “What You Want to Hear” continued the driving disco feel, adding great bass lines and a cool kickdrum breakdown and cutoff.

Musicianship: Strong vocals and musicality led the evening, with the tight band sharing a symbiotic energy that added to the message of their music. New single “Wait A Minute” delivered a more mellow track over a thumping dance beat (and jumping crowd) while “Dog Years” engaged the dancing audience with an East Coast maritime feel. “Cool” delivered a great rock jam, with honeyed vocals and lyrics navigating the freedom of declaring sexual identity, and “Eden” added more clapping and singing along from the room (especially on the scat elements). 

Performance: Playing for a pumped crowd in a packed house, Sub-Radio brought phenomenal energy. Upbeat danceable “Really Over” displayed great drum shots and “Clark Kent” showed the slow, sexy side of things, with a fabulous bass line and choppy syncopation. Accepting, open, confident, and vulnerable, the group–led by frontman Adam Bradley created a simultaneous feisty and loving, supportive space for people of every age, sex, culture, denomination, and sexual preference. 

Summary: Bradley is a powerhouse entertainer, leaving every last ounce of energy on stage, and every person in the room was smiling, dancing, and jumping along. The foursome (John Fengya was out sick) rounded out the evening with favorites “Better Than That” and “Caroline,” the latter introducing a punky, choppy beat that morphed into a dance romp. “Flashback” continued the bouncy singalong with awesome off-beats and guitar syncopation, and they closed out with latest single, “1990Something.” Sub-Radio presented a quartet of blissed-out, energetic showmen delivering a stellar performance.