New Music Critique: Rev. Bill

Rev. Bill
Contact: [email protected]

Web: spotify.com

Seeking: Film/TV Placement, Booking
Style: Country, Pop

While songs by Rev. Bill are held back by demo quality recordings, they ultimately show him to be a crafty and commercial writer. That would definitely describe “Better Day,” a song with an easygoing optimism in its message, but is hampered by a dated, synthetic presentation.  The artist’s voice is unusual, and has character, but it does not present the song in its optimum light.  The soul-pop song “My Mind’s Made Up On You” has a winning, upbeat vitality, and it suggests what a full arrangement could sound like, if well produced. Best song of Bill’s bunch is  “We All Shine.” With its rousing message and thumping drums it has a life force that is hard to deny.  A skilled producer could really elevate these tunes.