New Music Critique: Kai Watson

Kai Watson
Contact: [email protected]

Web: kaiwatson.bandcamp.com

Seeking: Label, Booking
Style: Funk Metal/Rap Rock

Kai Watson’s funk metal/rap rock project recalls the early-2000 glory days of bands like Rage Against The Machine, with singing and rapping that are both scorching and intelligent.  “Something” opens with a cymbal groove, adds a wah guitar, then adds a walking psych bass, then some kids playground ambience, before conjuring some dark spookiness, an ominous energy, culminating in the sound of herbal indulgence. Finally, on “Master Plan” a whispery vocal is punctuated by staccato drumming, then gives way to a rap rant that again showcases the artist’s observant smarts.  All in all, if you’re a fan of early 2000’s rap-rock you’re not gonna hear anything you haven’t really heard before, but it’s solid quality nonetheless.