Hazelrigg Industries Releases 4DI

Hazelrigg Industries has just released the 4DI – four channels of the best sounding all-tube Direct Injection (DI) to come together in two rack spaces. The equivalent of four of the company’s acclaimed VDI tube direct boxes, the 4DI’s input circuitry is based on the same original design as D.W. Fearn’s much-coveted VT-I/F all-triode, vacuum tube direct box, a legendary DI that set the standard to which all other DI boxes have been compared.

Traditionally, DI boxes have been largely utilitarian converters that contributed very little to the input signal, and often even degraded it. But the 4DI is four discrete channels of signal enriching goodness, bringing greater depth and clarity to everything you put into it. As many an engineer has discovered, connecting through a high-quality DI box is like lifting layers of fog.

The 4DI is available exclusively through Sweetwater in the US, with an MSRP of $3400. For info on international sales, visit hazelriggindustries.com