Josh & Dylan

Signing Story: Josh & Dylan

As a manager, Johnny Vieira has been seeking artists for more than 15 years. A longtime Music Connection reader, he’s boosted the careers of Vanessa Hudgens and Janel Parrish, but he nearly passed up his latest discovery. The precocious young duo from Buffalo, NY found Vieira independently, “They started hounding me, but in a real cool way,” notes the star maker.

When he finally broke down and listened to their song “Stay Young,” Vieira instantly knew he had a hit, describing it as “An incredibly hooky song with amazing lyrics.” More recordings came, each one a “winner.” “I fell in love with all three songs from the get-go.”

Vieira moved cautiously as at that time the boys, who’d already been making music together for a decade, were just 18 and 19. Having talked with their parents and observing the boys’ social media, Vieira decided they embodied the right attitude for stardom. “The lifestyle these kids were living really endeared me to them,” he claims. And although the boys had been recipients of other offers, Vieira triumphed because of his relentless passion. “I know every word to their songs,” he declares. “I can’t imagine another A&R guy knowing every detail about the band.”

Besides championing them as a manager, Vieira also added the boys to his label, J.O.T.S. Records, knowing eventually one of those relationships would necessarily dissolve. Although it’s a 360 deal, Vieira insists it’s “very fair.”

Vieira’s strategy is to build steam via singles, eventually culminating in a full release. Their first single, “Kewl,” burned up Spotify. Second single, “I’m Not a Rapper,” hit more recently. Vieira’s advice for young artists is simple––remain humble and make great music. “Write strong melodies and lyrics and you’ll win. That’s your best recipe for success.”

Date Signed: December 3, 2018
Label: J.O.T.S. Records
Band Members: Josh, guitar, vocals; Dylan, piano, drums, vocals
Type of Music: Alternative Hip-Pop
Management: J.V.M. - 310-691-4487, [email protected]
Booking: N/A
Legal: Nick Ferrara
Publicity: N/A
Web: joshanddylan.cominstagram.com/joshanddylanofficial
A&R: Johnny Vieira