The Regrettes Lose Drummer Maxx Morando

Up-and-coming feminist alt-punk band, The Regrettes announced on May 10 that their drummer and only male band member, Maxx Morando, has decided to leave the group. In the band's social media post, remaining members Lydia Night, Sage Chavis, and Genessa Gariano say that they will be "moving forward and are excited for the next chapter of The Regrettes."

While it is a disappointing loss, the L.A.-based band is very young and resilient. These women will undeniably bounce back stronger than ever, figuring out a replacement.

The band is still on tour, U.K.-bound throughout May and back in the U.S. in June.

No further announcements have been released, but in the meantime, enjoy their summer hit "Come Through" on their newest EP Attention Seeker: