Satriani, DiMaggio Make "Music Without Words"

joe satriani

World renowned guitarist, Joe Satriani and U.N. Musical Director Robin Dimaggio, have teamed up to compose and produce a new song entitled, “Music Without Words,” to be unveiled at the June 30 Annual Presidential General Assembly of the U.N. 69th Session Gala in New York City. The Assembly and Gala feature world dignitaries as well as the Heads of States from nations across the globe. Accompanying the song will be a video, compiled by the U.N., featuring footage of people the world over.

The song was co-written by the two exclusively for this event and produced by DiMaggio as the U.N. Musical Director. On his collaboration with Satriani, DiMaggio stated, “Working with Joe has brought a new meaning to music, this masterpiece was a collaboration of elegance and prestige. This unforgettable melody is for all the human beings in sync with enlightenment and peace.”

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robin dimaggioA meeting between these two iconic musicians first took place when DiMaggio, as musical director for the Arsenio Hall Show, asked Satriani to sit in with his band last fall. A friendship sparked between the two and discussions of collaborating for the U.N. began. Fast forward to June 30 when the piece will debut at the Assembly. "Robin came to me with a beautiful challenge,” Satriani said. “To create a melody that would touch the hearts of six billion people, a call to humanity, a message of love. He sent me an awesome groove to get the ball rolling. I sent him back a melody, and we kept the collaboration going until we were both blown away. I’m thrilled with the final mix and can’t wait for people to hear it.”

The song also features vocals from Ms Monet, a Grammy-award-winning vocalist, songwriter and performer who has sung with everyone from Boz Scaggs to Faith Hill, Toto and Queen Latifah. It was DiMaggio’s decision to blend the beauty of Ms Monet’s vocals with Satriani's guitar to create a moving piece.

For more information, visit satriani.com and/or dimaggiointernational.com.