Rockabye Baby! Seeks Independent Music Producer

In this independent contractor position the producer will be responsible for arranging, creating, and recording albums assigned to them by Rockabye Baby by mutual agreement. The initial expectation is to engage the producer to produce 1-2 full albums per year. It is expected that the producer has strong musical abilities, and a strong background in digital audio production. Must be skilled at working with licensed sample libraries and sample sets, including adapting the samples to fit the sound of the brand. Creation of the albums will be based on a working relationship with, and feedback on all album details from, the Director of A&R and the Brand Manager for the series. Fees for projects will likely range from $6,500 to $8,450 for each full-length album, based on the number of songs and other project specifics. All services are work-for-hire for our company, and the fees are flat fees, i.e., no royalties are payable. We have a sound pallet and style guide available. Please review the last three years’ worth of previous releases at the link provided here.

Further information on the engagement of services:

• The producer will arrange compositions, create and record instrumentation, edit instrumentation, and suggest changes to instrumentation.

• The producer will work hand in hand with the Director of A&R and the Brand Manager in the mixing and recording process.


• A strong music production background

• Strong musical abilities

• Editing abilities

• Project management

• Ability to handle projects under tight deadlines, as well as alternating or fluctuating schedules

• Proactive, with a high level of organization

Experience Requirements

• 3+ years of experience using digital audio hardware and software preferred

• Firm grasp of sound editing techniques

• Knowledge of industry law as it pertains to sound recordings and compositions, i.e., knowledge not to use any unauthorized samples, etc.

Apply here: twine.net/projects/b7moi0