sure sure

Sure Sure at Bardot Hollywood in Los Angeles

Material: Sure Sure are a rock band that writes their songs, collectively, without a primary songwriter. And, they are four roommates who say they will not be driven apart by self-serving quests for fame or ego trips, in order to get to the top of the charts. With a playful attitude, Sure Sure twists alternative rock hyperbole into a fun language that music fans of all genres can dance to. And with serious talent to boot, they have beautifully incorporated music from some of their favorite artists (such as Radiohead, The Pixies and Anderson .Paak), into their own original compositions. The versatility in their song structures makes their chord sequences comparable to Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear and The Beatles.

Musicianship: The combination of the band members’ personable demeanor, impeccable musicianship and humorous stage manner, is inviting as a spectator. And it is a perfect fit for the band’s fans, most of whom are in the college student demographic. Vocally, the primary singer (Chris Beachy) serenades like Rivers Cuomo from Weezer. Meanwhile, lead guitarist Charlie Glick complements the band’s essential vocalist perfectly, with harmonic vocals reminiscent of former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist, John Frusciante.

Performance: On this night, Sure Sure fit the mystical décor and ambience of Bardot Hollywood like the missing glass slipper from a fabled Cinderella fairytale. The theatrical bravura of Glick and bassist Michael Coleman made it easy for strangers in the audience to suddenly sing along in unison and playfully dance with one another. Sure Sure played an entire set of original songs from their most recent EP, New Biome. And that was a daring move, considering that it has become standard
for most unsigned artists to cover multiple amounts of popular songs by mainstream bands, as a means of safely familiarizing a new audience with their own music. Nevertheless, the members of Sure Sure debunked that industry precaution with ease.

Summary: Blessed with a knack for writing pop songs, Beachy, Glick, Coleman and Farzad have combined their unique perspectives to form one of the most substantive live acts in the underground indie rock scene. Sure Sure’s presentation is impressive and suggests they have excellent prospects of multiplying their current fan base into a throng of devotees that could soon qualify the band as a headlining act for a national tour.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: suresuremusic.com
The Players: Chris Beachy, vocals, keyboard; Charlie Glick, vocals, lead guitar; Michael Coleman, bass; Kevin Farzad, drums.