Close Up: Hazelrigg Industries

Hazelrigg Industries


Association with Legendary Designer Doug Fearn: With extensive backgrounds in live performance and production, brothers Geoff and George Hazelrigg—founder of Pennsylvania-based Hazelrigg Industries—design and manufacture professional recording equipment built fopr modern production techniques. Previously, during Geoff’s tenure as lead assembler for D.W Fearn (founded by Doug Fearn in 1993) the Hazelriggs began combining different aspects of Fearn’s offerings to create the VLC. This “Swiss Army knife” production tool was launched under the Hazelrigg Industries banner, in a licensing agreement with D.W. Fearn. Hazelrigg Industries eventually took over the manufacturing and distribution for both brands, with Fearn staying on as lead designer.

The Products: Hazelrigg Industries currently offers three products: the VDI—an all-tube Direct Injection (DI) box and both the popular VLC, an all-tube Mic pre/DI/Inductor EQ and the VNE all-tube single channel compressor. Combined as a channel strip, Geoff describes these as “the best front-end anyone’s ever heard.”

Hazelrigg Industries and Dolby Atmos: Hazelrigg Industry products are also uniquely suited for work in Dolby Atmos, a revolutionary spatial  audio technology, as each sound source in these immersive mixes must be of the absolute highest fidelity At the core of the VLC, the VNE and the VDI (all tube direct box)  is an amplifier circuit designed by Doug Fearn. Which  reinforces even order harmonics of any signal passing through it. The result is that any signal going through any of their products comes out an improved version of itself, with a powerful enhancement of the fundamental tone. 

    Many of today’s top Atmos mix engineers, including Mike Miller, now consider Hazelrigg Industries gear to be essential to their workfow. Prior to any mix session, stems received from clients are passed through their banks of VLC/VNE “Atmos channels” to make sure that they sound as good possible—or simply tracked through the VLC/VNE to begin with. This latter approach was used to great effect during a groundbreaking session at Sweetwater Studios where the Hazelriggs and Mike Miller teamed up with Sweetwater Studios’ Shawn Dealey and Jason Peets to record an album while making mix decisions in Atmos in real time.

Quote from the Hazelriggs: “The reason that our approach is so different from other preamp and compressor manufacturers is that the vast majority of them rehash designs from decades ago that were designed for a tape-based ecosystem. We, on the other hand, are designing with a telescope rather than a rear-view mirror, creating products for the workflows of today and tomorrow.”

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