DIY Spotlight: STF

Stefan Poole, aka STF (pronounced Stef), is a man of diverse musical taste and inspiration. Michael Jackson, for his “commitment to every note, every move.” Eric Clapton, “for his guitar playing and songwriting.” Stevie Wonder, for his “undeniable ability to create sophisticated musical arrangements with the pop platform.” And Sting, “for his strong melodies, unique harmony and poetic style.” Listening to STF, these influences are certainly evident but presented with a unique and fresh sonic palette.

STF considers his music a combination of pop, R&B and dance (a natural evolution of his various musical idols). This is particularly on display with his most recent release, “Lookalike.” The listener is engulfed by emotionally charged vocals, energetic and catchy melodies, with a cleanly curated pop beat.
Equally as strong as the musical arrangement is the story behind “Lookalike.” Shortly after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, STF discovered she began dating a man who could have been his doppelganger.

This inherent ability to seamlessly combine an array of musical elements with easily relatable thematic material started developing when STF was very young. “My dad gave me his classic rock records and put a guitar in my hand when I was in middle school. Eventually, singing came along with guitar playing also in a natural way.”

Today, STF is a multi-instrumentalist with a three-octave range, who can rap and produce. All of which are unique in the current pop landscape.
“Inspiration is a funny thing,” STF relates. “But when you have it, don’t let it go. I’m beyond excited to finally be sharing my art with the world the way I want.” It’s been a long road, but STF is on a mission to move people, and maybe even make them feel less lonely.

To keep up with STF’s shows and releases visit Facebook.com/STFsings.