Songcraft Announces Software Update for Vi Series Consoles

Songcraft by Harman has announced the second software update of 2021 to the Vi console range.
The new software release V6.4.4.334 for all Vi1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000 and Vi200/400/600 consoles is now available from the Soundcraft website.

This release contains some useful new features and functional improvements made in response to user feedback, together with a significant number of bug fixes. The features and bug fixes are summarized below, but for full details please see the Vi V6.4.4 Software User Guide, available here.

New Features:
  • Tie Lines Isolation feature introduced in V6.4.3 is simplified so it’s now not necessary to use the Load ISO with Show control to prevent tie lines from changing when loading a Show. Simply switching on Isolate ALL in the Tie Lines page will now always isolate the tie lines when loading shows, regardless of Load ISO with Show setting. This change allows general console Isolation settings to be imported as part of a Show load, but preventing changes to tie lines at the same time if required, and is also easier to use.
  • HiQnet remote control interface extended to include all Lexicon FX parameters, this is for use with the 3rd-party developed Mixing Station app, available from dev-core.org/mixing-station. Mixing Station is a highly customizable cross-platform remote control app available for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.
    (Note that our ViSi Remote app is not being updated for this change at this time).
  • Bus labels are now stored in snapshots instead of only at Show level, and have isolation and scope controls. This has been a much-requested change for some years.
  • Insert IN control is now automatically enabled when assigning a Lexicon/BSS/External insert from the Insert Pool, and disabled when de-assigning an insert. Makes it quicker to insert or un-insert devices with one operation.
  • Output-to-Input Fader page trigger setup is now protected by Output Fader Page Isolation & Scope. This means fader page linking on a Vi1000 can be retained when loading in shows made on other console types, by isolating the fader pages and setting Load ISO with Show to No.

Downloads are now available on the Soundcraft website: soundcraft.com.