Sho-Bud Music is Seeking Tracks

Sho-Bud Music is seeking steel, dobro and other slide-related music to add to their catalog. Vocals are ok as long as these types of instruments are strongly featured.

Sho-Bud Music is an independent record label and publishing company founded by Dawn Jackson (Sho-Bud Pedal Steel Guitars, Jackson Steel Guitar Company). They have had one top 20 song on the Billboard Country charts, one featured song on an Insterscope Records/MTV compilation CD, along with TV placements on major networks.

Although not currently looking to sign artists to the record label, their publishing division is currently accepting steel, dobro and other slide-related related tracks from Music Clout users for pitch consideration.

Selected Music Clout artists will be eligible for publishing representation.

For more visit, musicclout.com/contents/opportunity-7083-nashville-based-label--publishing-company-is-seeking-tracks-from-up--coming-artists-to-add-to-their-catalog.aspx
Details: Founded in 2012, Sho-Bud Music takes their name from the Nashville, Tennessee-based pedal steel guitar company started by Dawn's grandfather, Shot Jackson, and partner Buddy Emmons. Sho-Bud was one of the leaders in the development and manufacturing of pedal steel guitars, from the late 1950's through the 80's. The family continues to build pedal steel guitars and other string pulling instruments and components under the name Jackson Steel Guitar Company (est. 2005).

Heavily weighted in country and pop genres, Sho-Bud Music is changing the direction of their music catalog to match that of their rich heritage, which is steel, dobro and other slide-related music. The main focus of their online catalog is toward film, tv and ad placements.

Please do not contact Sho-Bud Music directly regarding this opportunity; submissions must go through Musicclout.com to be considered.