CMON Sign to Mexican Summer and Release New Single

An acronym for “Confusing Mix Of Nations” and pronounced as in “C’mon,” Josh da Costa and Jamen Whitelock formed CMON after disbanding their previous project, Regal Degal. CMON marks a new musical direction for the duo, who are excited to share a new single to celebrate the announcement, accompanied by a fun, phantasmagoric video directed by Geneva Jacuzzi.

“Coo” is a song on a deft, strange journey. Josh da Costa and Jamen Whitelock pilot by their own obsequious logic between mid-'70s AOR gold and mid-'80s bass journeys, their voices a little star-crossed as they emerge from the club and find their way home.

Listen to “Coo” now available as a single on Mexican Summer HERE.

As Josh da Costa explains, “'Coo' was the first track we made together that marked a real departure from our old band Regal Degal into what would become CMON, so we're happy to celebrate it with a fun video.” He adds, “We're also really happy to have worked with Geneva again - making a video free from narrative and focused on mood + performance as well as creative editing suits a song that is less about thinking and more about feeling. It's time to get wavy.”