Tuesday Night Jam

Tuesday Night Jam at The Whisky A Go Go––Spinal Tap Tribute

Tuesday Night’s Jam at the Whisky A Go-Go on Nov. 5 gave music fans a taste of the new with Granny 4 Barrel and a return to the past with a tribute to the legendary Spinal Tap.

Shock rock band Granny 4 Barrel, Featuring “The Matriarch Of Metal,” Granny Dreadful (vocals), The Maestro, Chase Potter (Violin), The Judge, Jared Pease (Drums) and The Alchemist, Marc Malsegna (Guitar) opened the show. Described as the merging of Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper in one band, Granny 4 Barrel performed a memorable 40 minutes of some of the most uniquely original songs and showmanship I have experienced in quite some time. Dressed as if he had emerged from the canvas of the classic painting, American Gothic, Granny was in total command of the stage, fueling a very enthusiastic audience. Granny’s mantra is "unleash your true self…make your own rules, anything is possible." Granny 4 Barrel left an indelible impression with an audience that was screaming for more as the band left the stage

Following an intermission and stage changeover, the Spinal Tap portion of the evening began. Dressed in the classic look of the band in the 1982 film, This Is Spinal Tap, four musicians garbed in similar stage attire took to the stage. Following an enthusiastic introduction, they launched into one Spinal Tap classic after another. The set listed included, “Big Bottom,” "Listen To The Flower People,” “Stop Wasting My Time,” “Stone Henge” and “Hell Hole,” among others. A cast of locally and nationally known musicians showed up joining the band on stage for a number of the evening's song selections. Multiple costume changes by the members of these Spinal Tap reenactors added to the authenticity to be as true to the original film as possible. Throughout the evening, prerecorded recreated scenes from the film, featuring the musicians that portrayed Spinal Tap, were displayed on a large video screen. Mime waiters, which appeared in the original film, entertained the audience as they carried trays filled with candy for fans to enjoy. This all made for a fun walk down memory lane, and a memorable night for the crowd and the musicians on stage.


Spinal Tap Tribute



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