Workflow Webinar: Mic Capsules Selection for Wireless Systems

Microphone Capsule Selection for Wireless Systems
Friday, May 29th @ 12pm CDT!

Join the Shure Artist Relations and Market Development teams for the final installment of Shure's Workflow Webinar series and discuss wireless microphone capsule selection. Microphone selection is a combination of artist and engineer preference as well as physics and utility. Shure will discuss the pros and cons of different capsule types as well as approaches to selecting capsules for some of the largest tours. The panel will include Jason Spence (Solotech monitor engineer for major awards shows), Brett “Scoop” Blanden (Lady Antebellum FOH), Tim Hibbert (Cardi B, Common FOH and monitor engineer) and Adam Robinson (Josh Groban, Andy Grammer, Babyface FOH and monitor engineer).