Eagles of Death Metal Challenge Musicians to Donate

The Eagles of Death Metal have donated the publishing and master use of this song "I Love You All The Time" to go to charity after the tragedy in Paris. They've challenged musicians, iTunes and Spotify to do the same—donate the proceeds. Hear the Dean Ween Group's version here: youtube.com/watch?v=8k2Eg8fcG_4 

"I have been very close friends with Josh Homme for over 20 years. He is easily the best friend I have in a band. When we need advice, we talk to one another. We were signed to Elektra the same week (Kyuss) and we toured a lot together during that era (Chocolate and Cheese). The sense of love and camaraderie on those tours was unparalleled. We were like a gang, like one big band instead of two. Always onstage during each other's sets. Later on, in the earlier days of QOTSA we were reunited and had two of the most legendary tours of all our lives.

"When I heard about the Paris attacks I broke down and called him immediately and surprisingly he answered. Finding out that Dave Catching was alive and unharmed was one of the biggest reliefs of my life. To give you a sense of how close we are, I've stayed for long visits at Josh's parents house and his mom did my laundry and cooked for me. There was a blizzard back east so I ended up being stuck in Palm Springs for a week because there were no flights and Josh was on tour. We're ‘that kind of close’ though.

"Dave Catching is the sweetest guy I've ever known. So sweet in fact that Ween took him on a long tour of Europe and I paid his hotel rooms, per-diems, flights, etc. with the understanding to the tour manager and clubs that (me pointing), "Don't ask him to carry anything, move anything, or do anything." He's that sweet of a man and just having him around made every day more fun. My point is, that we are VERY CLOSE, me and the whole QOTSA and EODM.

"When Josh asked me to cover this tune, I dropped what I was doing on the most important (to me anyway) gig night of my life. I was debuting the tunes from my forthcoming Dean Ween Group album. I came to the studio with our drummer Ray Kubian (who is a great singer as well) and I had a concept: one sample of handclaps and eight tracks of grunting in the rhythm of the song and scat singing. I laid down a bass track for an anchor or a guide, sped the song up to 150 beats per minute when the original was about 115. One acoustic guitar, and Ray taking the lead vocal.

"It went perfectly—we used every track that we recorded. I then called Chris Shaw, who produced Ween's White Pepper album and mixed Moistboyz IV. He is the best producer and engineer I know and he dropped his Saturday Thanksgiving travel plans to mix it for me.

site eagles of death metal sweet stuff foundation 120115"I feel so passionately about this track and I have set my personal goal at one million views. Please check it out and donate some cash to the Sweet Stuff Foundation via thesweetstufffoundation.org. All donations made through our site are dedicated to aid the victims of the Nov. 13 terrorist attack in Paris and the family of fallen Eagles of Death Metal brother, Nick Alexander. Donate Today."

Dean Ween challenges all musicians to do the same.

"Hello talented friend, The senseless and violent terrorist attacks of Nov. 13, 2015 in Paris have left us all unsettled and we dare not give another second of precious time to those who have tried to steal our freedoms and take away our power.

"Instead, we are writing to ask for your help to Play It Forward.

"We are calling upon our friends to donate their time, talent and goodwill in a show of solidarity to help the victims of these atrocious acts in Paris and those affected by terrorism worldwide.

"We are asking for you to cover our song ‘I Love You All The Time.’ For every cover sold, we pledge to donate 100% of the publishing income to The Sweet Stuff Foundation. We ask that you also donate the money generated from sales of the song to the charity.

"In the same spirit, we would encourage you to offer one of your songs up to be covered by another artist, and follow suit—donate the publishing monies to charity—The Play it Forward Initiative.

"Whether you're Soul or R&B; Hip Hop or Hippy; Garage, Goth, Country, Punk or Pop; Death Metal or DJ; it matters not. Whether your version is faithful to ours, instrumental, uses only lyrics or fragments thereof or is completely reimagined in every way, it matters not. Your individual musical differences become our collective strength. Simultaneously, we will call upon iTunes, Tidal, Amazon, Spotify and all others who will sell these covers, to join us and donate their portions to a charity as a symbol of unity.

“So many wonderfully talented artists have offered their love and support or have reached out asking, ‘How can we help?’ Our answer is simple: Unite with us. All of us. The musicians, the bands, the music companies and the fans...because we are music. We are the anthems of great nations. We are the songs of our forefathers. We are the hymns of God. The songs of the broken hearted. The unchained melodies. The songs of puppy love and of love that cannot be broken. We are the music of hope and possibility. We are the call to arms. We are the chorus of victory. We are songs in the key of life.

"We are the Champions... of the World.

"In the event our song doesn't float your boat, we encourage you to help unite our business by any means possible. If you're drawing a blank, donate something of yours or the proceeds from one of your songs, as Duran Duran has graciously done. But do join us help and heal through music. They attacked us all, please hear the call.

"Thank you for your time and love to you all."

-Eagles of Death Metal

For more information and to donate, visit thesweetstufffoundation.org