Album Review: Willapa By Willapa (8/10)

Self-described as “Pacific Northwest Rock‘n’ Roll,” the Bellingham, WA-based trio does, indeed, reflect a sort of raw and natural openness that is a product of said environment. Guitarist-vocalist Chad DeRoux has a haunting resonance that recalls Layne Staley or a burgeoning Eddie Vedder. The rhythm section of David Kessel and Russell Bogle Dingus allows all 11 songs to breathe and follow various exploratory paths. “You Need Love” is a blues-based rocker followed by “Three Twenty Four” adding Kessel’s hypnotic harmonica. “Way Out (And Beyond)” delivers the urgency of surf rockers in the vein of The Ventures or Los Straightjackets

Rating: 8/10

Cave Hollywood Records
Producer: David Kessel