Watch: Peyton Shay - "Savior Complex"

'Savior Complex' Out Now: https://found.ee/Savior-Complex

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With "Savior Complex," Peyton Shay redefines traditional stories of romantic dependency, presenting an exhilarating tale of self-sufficiency. The track combines bold instrumentals and moving lyrics to create a rebellious anthem for living life on your own terms. Picture a melody that makes you want to dance while conveying messages of empowerment – that's the "Savior Complex" music video. It's a dialogue, a daring declaration, that exudes profound confidence and an unapologetic celebration of independence.

”Conceptualizing music videos and making them come to life is one of my guilty pleasures; "Savior Complex" forced me to let go and figure out what it meant to be on my own, and I honestly love that version of myself." - Peyton Shay