Zack Kirkorian

Live Review: Zack Kirkorian at The Whisky A GoGo in West Hollywood, CA

Material: Zack Kirkorian is a solo act playing outer-spacey kinda music. The songs are very busy and jam-packed with tones, notes and sounds of everything you can imagine. They evoke a feeling of being in a distant galaxy, floating around in slow motion and hearing all the sounds that humans are making but only catching the tail ends of the conversations and not making sense of anything. On top of all that, the artist adds guitar and vocals in his live performance, making his set a very jam-packed, psychedelic and eerie experience.

Musicianship: Kirkorian seems like a good all-around guitar player who can sing well enough. He’s very creative in the way he puts his music together. An aspiring shredder with good guitar technique, he lets loose on a couple of songs, particularly “Plenty of Reasons.” His vocals are a good match with the eeriness of the music; sometimes he screeches, sometimes he softly sings to the audience to share his feelings. This artist is very confident in his vocals and guitar skills.

Performance: Zack Kirkorian is a solo act playing guitar and singing to backing tracks in a karaoke-style set. He has preprogrammed his music tracks and plays them out of his iPad while he sings. Aside from lights going off and on, the presentation was a bit lacking. It’s tough doing an engaging performance from a chair, but Kirkorian did his best.

Summary: All in all I’d give two and half stars out of five for Kirkorian's overall performance, which was good stoner music and The Whisky’s audio techs dialed in the backing tracks pretty well. “Love Me Now” and “Taker” are good examples of Kirkorian’s style of music: Space Rock. In “Love Me Now” the song even talks
to him and he talks back. “Cinch it Down” is the one song that stands out in that it belongs in a dance club with a thumping bass drum driving it through. Kirkorian is imaginative in the way he loads up his songs with information using tones and notes as in “We Gonna Dance.” So pull up a chair, lean back, take a long drag and pass it on!

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Web: ZackKirkorian.HearNow.com



Players: Zack Kirkorian, guitar, vocals