Vinyl Record Manufacturing Association Welcomes New Global Members

The Vinyl Record Manufacturing Association (VRMA) welcomes new members: Vantiva (Global), Key Production Ltd. (UK), Stamper Discs (UK), Galactic Wax (USA) and Takt (Poland). These organizations join over 48 member companies and individuals including Third Man Pressing, CopyCats Media, Big Loud Records,  Stoughton Printing, Furnace Record Pressing, Welcome to 1979, and more.

 “Vantiva Supply Chain Solutions is excited to join VRMA as a company increasing vinyl manufacturing capacity for clients and music lovers around the globe,”  said Rob Wipper, President of Vantiva SCS

With the boom in the vinyl business the country's top manufacturers gathered together to create the Vinyl Record Manufacturer Association (VRMA) in December of 2019, becoming a formal legal entity in May of 2022.  The VRMA is a professional trade association of independent businesses committed to the craft of vinyl record manufacturing through collaboration, advocacy, standardization, and education. The association serves to advocate for the industry at large, with a focus on education and providing the latest and most accurate information industrywide. The association serves as a forum for member companies to engage in ongoing discussions, various issues, and opportunities related to other new technologies and the future of the industry as a whole. 

The VRMA currently has over 48 members from across the vinyl industry, which include not only half the pressing plants in the United States, but also audio companies, plating, mastering, packing, technology, record labels, and, of course, record stores. 

As membership continues to grow within and outside of the United States, the VRMA continues their work with a focus on communication with the launch of a recent education initiative on the vinyl-making process for those within, and outside of, the vinyl-making industry with the production of the Audio Quality Control Manual available for free to all members and the accompanying YouTube series that goes in-depth on the intricate process of audio quality control for vinyl.