X Lovers Signs with Visionary Records/RCA Records

Visionary Records/RCA Records has announced the signing of X Lovers, a pop duo/band from Northern California. X Lovers is the first artist to be signed to Visionary since the announcement of the label’s partnership with Sony Music.  On Friday, the duo/band will release their debut single, “Colder When It Rains.”

Over the course of the next few months, X Lovers will be releasing various content including: tracks, music videos, behind the scenes content and ‘A Day in the Life’ vlogs. Their very first vlog, released May 1, explains their history and how they were signed to Visionary Records/RCA Records.

“We really made a point of staying independent until we started talking to Visionary and RCA Records,” says X Lovers. “They’re the ONLY group of people we feel share the same exact hunger and audacity to take over without compromising our creative vision in any way. We’re hella excited to be taking this step forward.”

“Beyond excited to welcome X Lovers to the Visionary Records family,” says Chris Zarou, CEO/Visionary Records.  “London and Jacob are incredibly talented musicians with a clear vision for their career. We are excited to work with the RCA team and help bring that vision to life alongside the two of them.”

“We are thrilled to begin our partnership with Chris and the Visionary crew and even more excited that it’s with X Lovers,” says RCA Chairman and CEO, Peter Edge.  “London and Jacob are going to bring a new sound to pop music and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of the team that helps them grow.”

About the Band

X Lovers is a pop duo/band from Northern California. After forming their first punk band at age 10 together, London and Jacob (both 21) have been collaborating as a team since their teenage years.

London is the vocalist and drives most of the songwriting works in conjunction with Jacob, who produces all the records. After creating a highly dedicated fan base across their hometown of Nevada City and Northern California, the two best friends moved to Los Angeles, to master their craft. Their biggest influences were Green Day and Kanye West. X Lovers is currently working on music and preparing for their first official major label release via Visionary Records/RCA Records.