MusicPro Insurance up close

Up Close: MusicPro Insurance

Meeting the Needs of Working Professionals Since 2000: MusicPro was officially launched in 2000 as a joint venture between SterlingRisk and ASCAP. SterlingRisk already had an Instrument & Equipment program exclusive to members of the Local 802 in New York, designed to meet the specific needs of professional musicians. ASCAP recognized the program as an important benefit to their members and joined forces with SterlingRisk to create MusicPro to provide affordable and convenient insurance to all music professionals, as well as recording studios, sound engineers, teachers, students, hobbyists, collectors, etc.

MusicPro has become the industry’s company of choice, with approximately 7,000 clients, ranging from music students to high-profile musicians, studio owners and touring bands with over $2 million worth of gear. “If you make a living or earn money from playing, teaching, studying or recording music,” the company’s website states, “what could be more important than protecting the tools of your trade?”

Details of Instrument and Equipment Policies: Coverage begins at $150 a year and includes: worldwide coverage for losses such as fire, vandalism, theft, accidental breakage, water damage, earthquake damage. This includes coverage while in transit, or in a locked vehicle overnight.

Easy Application Process: Website visitors can apply online. Assistant VP Laura Donelan says, “The application is set up on our website and requires an itemized list of the gear to be insured. The site will give a firm quote based on the total of that list. Once the application is submitted with payment it is typically approved and processed the same day.”

For more information, visit musicproinsurance.com.