DIY Spotlight: Kate Callahan

KATE CALLAHAN-DIYEstablishing yourself in the music industry isn’t easy these days. It requires talent, determination and a strong metal attitude. Well, imagine if you had those qualities but suffered a brain injury so severe most people would give up the dream. Kate Callahan experienced that trauma, but never gave up.

At 19, she was in a skiing accident and sustained brain damage. After that, she spent most of her time in the hospital rehabilitating…until doctors informed her that she wasn’t going to get any better––a declaration that would make most people lose hope.

But Kate took it as a challenge. She began guitar lessons, sometimes forgetting what she learned from week to week. But, after a while she noticed an improvement. That’s when she started writing songs and performing live.

She discovered she had the tools to develop on her own, regardless of what others thought. And, with a newfound spirit of independence she recorded and released five albums.

Her most recent, an EP titled Aha!, was released in September. It celebrates how she overcame the odds to become a successful musician.

She’s received many nominations and awards: Hartford Advocate’s “Best Solo Performer,” Hartford Courant’s “Woman of Character,” the New England Music Awards’ “Songwriter of the Year” and Connecticut’s “Best Singer-Songwriter.”

She has also opened for legends Judy Collins, Noel Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul, and Mary) and the late Bill Morrissey, among others.

Callahan’s story is not only inspirational; it proves that amazing things can happen––if you have the right determination and willpower.

For more info, go to http://kate-callahan.com