DIY Spotlight: Rick Elliot


If you want to make it in the music business, especially on your own, you need drive. Well, Rick Elliot is showing some serious determination as a rebel with a country music cause and, in the process, sweeping the music scene off its feet.

Elliot teamed up with the America Loves Bacon Festival and became the festival’s headlining act across multiple states. As a result, he found his fan base by linking the worlds of music and lifestyle.

Embarking on his sacred journey to preserve the Outlaw Country crusade, Elliot spent much of 2014 touring with his Second Hand Smoke Band. He and his five-piece outfit are dedicated to preserving Outlaw Country and Southern Rock, while armed with a fifth of whiskey and Elliot’s deep voice.

Mixing the best of his influences, i.e. Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings, Elliot brings back that good ole outlaw sound. Indeed, the release of his first single “West of the Rockies,” from his debut CD First Hand, received rave reviews from numerous music experts.

And, his rebel attitude brings a lot of attention his way as well, including the chance to share the stage with the Marshall Tucker Band.

For such a young artist, Elliot seems poised to vault skyward to new heights of popularity in 2015. And just like his outlaw country idols, he’s doing it his way.

For more information about Rick Elliot, visit RickElliotMusic.com.

By Bernard Baur