Up Close: Carl Tatz - Studio Design on Another Level



State of the Art Studio Design: Like all studio designers, Carl Tatz, principal of Carl Tatz Design® LLC addresses the many facets of acoustics in designing studios, and especially mix rooms for his clients. These can include sound isolation, room dimensions, bass control, live vs. dead, vs. neutral ambiance, traffic flow, decor/vibe and ergonomics. But then, Tatz takes it up a notch with his TEC Award-winning PhantomFocus MixRoom™ technology, an approach that embraces the gestalt of the monitor/room relationship. "The relationship between the monitoring system and the room cannot be separated from the room's overall performance, and our designs reflect that." says Tatz. "In fact," Tatz continues, "I would probably not be designing studios if it were not for what we are able to achieve with the PhantomFocus™ System - it makes that dramatic a difference and it's where my passion lies." His PhantomFocus Monitor System, explained in detail at www.phantomfocus.com, is an on-site two-day installation by the CTD team of engineers that renders what many professionals consider to be the pinnacle of monitoring, as evidenced by a large and growing list of client testimonials. Those clients include many high-profile artists, engineers and producers as well as educational facilities, iconic venues such as The Grand Ole Opry, The Ryman Auditorium and WWE and those just starting out in the pro audio world. "One of the great things about the PhantomFocus System is that it can also be very successful in existing control rooms, and even bedrooms once certain criteria are met to make sure they are PhantomFocus-ready," Tatz points out.

Services and PhantomFocus: Carl Tatz Design (CTD) offers acoustic design for recording studios and home screening rooms, recording studios, monitoring systems, discrete 5.1 listening rooms, room analysis and tuning and sound isolation, in addition to designing and creating Tatz’s trademark PhantomFocus™ ATMOS MasteringSuites™. His PhantomFocus™ System and related PFM Precision Monitoring Instruments are revolutionizing control rooms across the country. These products render unprecedented performance and imaging with full frequency accuracy using any brand of monitors, including the PhantomFocus™ PFM 1000 Monitors–creating equally vibrant results in bedroom studios and million-dollar facilities alike. The system is the custom turnkey tuning protocol for professional studio monitor optimization for those demanding high-level monitoring accuracy and performance. Hardware includes dual PFM ICE Cube-12 Subwoofers modules, the PhantomFocus™ Processor, PhantomFocus™ monitor stands, the PhantomFocus™ eChair ensemble, and the PFM Monitors if selected.

MixRoom Mentor: Tatz’s website features his new three-episode blog series called MixRoom Mentor, geared towards engineers, producers and studio owners. He explains the philosophies and protocols of the PhantomFocus™ System while sharing valuable information and tools that anyone can put to use in their own mix room. In addition to proprietary recommendations from the pages of the PhantomFocus™ protocols playbook, Tatz shares field-tested and proven techniques and observations unavailable anywhere else.