Amy Stroup

Out Take: Amy Stroup, Singer-Songwriter

As one of the most licensed women in music, singer-songwriter Amy Stroup’s songs have added color and narrative to more than 450 films, film trailers, ad campaigns and television shows, including NBC’s This is Us, Grey’s Anatomy and Showtime’s Shameless.

“I grew up watching shows for the music. I watched shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The OC or One Tree Hill to see what music was in it,” Stroup says. “To find music that’s a little tastier than what’s on the radio, TV was that place for me. I liked what I heard in films and on television.”

Now a Nashville resident, Stroup got her start in Music City 15 years ago. She moved there for college and never left, working odd jobs until she was able to pursue music full-time. After an artist manager friend gave her music to some people at Secret Road, an LA-based licensing and music services company, Stroup began getting her songs placed—her first licensed work was “Hold on to Hope Love” on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters.

Most recently, a song from Stroup’s latest album, Helen of Memphis (a title that gives a nod to Stroup’s late grandmother and the brand of clothes she wore), was featured in the new Jennifer Lopez film, Second Act.

Stroup loves seeing her music help tell a story in film or television, and advises musicians hoping to get their songs licensed to take advantage of all social media and digital platforms.

“Make it easy to find. I’ve had music supervisors say they saw this video on YouTube, or that I posted a song on Soundcloud, or they saw someone posted a song on Instagram,” Stroup says. “A lot of it’s just being present on the outlets you have. There are tons of places you don’t have control over. The places you do control, make sure it’s high quality and what you want your brand to look and sound like.”

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