HeadRush Updates Pedalboard and Gigboard

HeadRush, the innovator of next-generation guitar products, announced the Feature Update 2.3 for its class-leading Pedalboard and Gigboard quad-core guitar processors. Inspired by feature requests and extensive feedback from their users and beta testing community, HeadRush is kicking off 2021 by releasing a free update including 2 new amp models, 9 new effects, improvements to their on-board looper, alongside other performance enhancements.

New Amps and FX

The HeadRush Pedalboard and Gigboard deliver the most versatile, realistic-sounding and responsive amplifier, cabinet, microphone and FX models ever found in a floorboard guitar FX processor. Feature Update 2.3 expands on their extensive library by adding 2 new amp models (’05 TANGERINE 30 CH1 & CH2) that were inspired by the thick and creamy tone of an Orange AD30HTC. The feature update also adds highly requested effects, including an ultra-realistic sounding acoustic simulator based on the Boss Acoustic Simulator (ACOUSTIC SIM), a fast-tracking HeadRush Original octave generator designed for lead sounds (OCTAVES UP), and an exclusive hauntingly lush ambient reverb (AMBI VERB). HeadRush additionally added another exclusive nostalgia-inducing stereo detuner (DETUNE), which further bolsters their library of onboard high-performance polyphonic pitch effects.

New Dirt

Directly responding to one of the most popular requests from their users, HeadRush further expanded their effects library by adding 5 new dirt pedals in Feature Update v2.3. This versatile selection includes 2 new distortions (MX DIST, D1 DIST), 2 new overdrives (K DRIVE, ANXIETY OD V2) and a new fuzz effect (ROUND FUZZ), all inspired from the Fulltone OCD, Boss DS-1, Klon Centaur and MXR Distortion. These new additions provide guitarists with even more tools for shaping and enhancing their tone, enabling them to add tasteful breakup and crunch to the onboard amp models, searing heavy psychedelic riffs & leads, and so much more.

Looper and Performance Updates

In Feature Update v2.3, HeadRush also enhanced their onboard Looper’s Feedback control to allow for advanced Frippertronicsstyle looping, where new layers gradually replace old layers while recording or overdubbing the loop. Additionally, HeadRush has also improved the built-in USB audio interface performance with Windows computers.

What’s New in 2.3?

Added 2 new amp models to the AMP category:
• ’05 TANGERINE 30 CH1
• ’05 TANGERINE 30 CH2

Added 5 new FX to the DISTORTION category:

Added 3 new FX to the MODULATION category:

Added AMBI VERB to the Delay/Reverb FX category

Revised the Looper’s FEEDBACK control to better support Frippertronics-style looping

Multiple DSP optimization and UI improvements


Additional information will be available on HeadRushFX.com